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So exams came around and naturally my intake of fics and shiny internets steadily increased as I procrastinated studied more and more and this lead to me being bitten by a muse-bug and attempting to write my own fic. The muse-bug then ran away after the first couple of paragraphs and left me to wallow in my woeful writing skillz. AND WALLOW I DID. OH HOW I WALLOWED. Anyway. Here is my end product.
*flings it out and hides*

Kiss It Better
Rating: PG 13
Warnings: Flangst? Extra fluffy fluff?
Summary: Merlin's not so happy about Arthur challenging anyone and everyone.

“Ow! Careful! Must you be so rough?”

Arthur shifted restlessly in his chair. Did Merlin really have to pull his hair and push his shoulder like that? It was as if the idiot hadn’t realized that Arthur was actually injured and therefore deserved Merlin’s sympathy and tender care. Instead Merlin was jabbing at his wound like it mortally offended him in some way.


“What is your problem?” he demanded after a particularly vicious swipe that had caused tingles of discomfort to scurry down his arm. There was no audible response from behind him, but Merlin’s next swab sent an even sharper stab of pain rushing up Arthur’s neck. He swore and hastily stood to avoid another attack. Turning to confront his errant manservant, he found the irate words of rebuke catching in his throat. Merlin’s eyes were glittering with rage and his hands were trembling with suppressed emotion. Arthur unconsciously took a step back and tried to raise his hands defensively, but he winced as the movement pulled at his injured back.


Merlin’s fury softened slightly, though his voice was still low and angry as he spat, “My problem? What is my problem?”

“I’ll tell you what is my problem. I spend years hiding my magic, live in constant fear of discovery and death, working my arse off, save your ungrateful life time and time again,” his voice rose dangerously as he spoke and he stepped closer to Arthur, “and you!” He poked Arthur’s chest hard.


You go and challenge a giant with arms the size of tree trunks to a duel, while you’ve only just recovered from that blow you took on patrol last month, which I remind you, nearly finished you off, but oh no, the man besmirched your precious honour, and we clearly can’t have that can we.” Merlin punctuated each mocking syllable with a jab of his finger, forcing Arthur backwards until he hit the chamber wall. Merlin pressed himself against Arthur, using his slight height advantage to trap the prince.


“Why would you think I would be ok with you doing something like? It was stupid and irresponsible Arthur, and you didn’t impress anyone by being foolish!” Merlin paused, breathing hard and glaring to prove just how unimpressed he was.


Arthur gaped. He’d never seen Merlin so visibly upset, nor had his actions been so thoroughly criticized since he was a lad and only just learning what it meant to be royalty. He blinked in shocked as Merlin’s angry breath huffed across his face and dimly noticed it smelt vaguely of mint.

“I’m sorry!” he blurted out before he could stop himself. He regretted it immediately; a prince did not apologize after all, but Merlin’s shoulders slumped and the hand pinning him to the wall released its hold on his shirt. Merlin sighed.

 “No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled. I was just– ” he stopped himself abruptly, and pulled away. Arthur grabbed his wrist as he turned.

“Wait. You were just what?”

Merlin blushed, and Arthur gaped again as the sight sent a rush of blood south.

“I was,” he swallowed, “I was just worried about you, prat. You could’ve been killed, and then whose life would I have to save and stupidity to insult? I think Gwen would cry if I insulted her and Morgana’s more likely to kill me if I tried to save her.”  Merlin’s light tone was belied by the slight wobble in his voice, and he couldn’t quite meet Arthur’s eyes.

“Idiot.” Arthur lifted Merlin’s chin with two fingers. “I’m not going anywhere,” he replied softly, and quickly pressed his lips against Merlin’s.


Merlin sighed explosively and crushed his mouth against Arthur. Arthur stumbled, once again crashing into the wall. As he opened his mouth to complain Merlin shoved his tongue into Arthur’s mouth and ran it along the top row of teeth. Arthur moaned, retaliating by nipping at his lower lip after following Merlin’s tongue back with his own. Arthur could feel Merlin trembling as they pressed closer together and he soothed the bites with a swipe of his tongue, eliciting a whimper from Merlin. They broke apart panting. Arthur’s hands were tangled in Merlin’s curls, and Merlin’s lips were red and shiny from the abuse. Arthur could feel Merlin’s heart beating out a similarly frenzied rhythm as his own. He touched his forehead to Merlin’s, caught by the raw emotion written across his face.

“I thought I might lose you,” Merlin whispered, so softly Arthur barely heard it.

“Never.” Arthur gathered Merlin into his arms, ignoring the burn across his back and the small voice at the back his head (that sounded suspiciously like a gleeful Morgana) yelling GIRL GIRL YOU’RE A GIRL! . “I’m not that easy to kill.”

Merlin sighed again, letting his head fall onto Arthur’s shoulder.

“Arthur, if he hadn’t slipped when he did, if you hadn’t deflected his second blow-”

“But I did.” Arthur cut him off, stroking the back of Merlin’s neck soothingly. “I did, and I always will.” The unspoken for you hung in the air between them, until Merlin huffed out a chuckle and raised his head again.

“So you’ll always win every fight you enter, is that you’re saying?” he smirked. Arthur frowned.


“Well, of course. I’m the prince. I cannot lose,” said Arthur, in his best haughty-Uther impersonation. “No one can best me, not that anyone would dare to try. It would be a foolish endeavor, ending only in their swift defeat and subsequent humiliation.”

“Oh?” Merlin quirked an eyebrow, doing his best impression of amused-Gauis, “So Morgause never happened then? That was just a bad dream was it? Or perhaps a nightma- mmff!” Arthur smothered Merlin’s mocking words with a heated kiss.


Clasping Merlin tightly he walked him backwards towards the bed and quickly pressed him down into the mattress beneath him. They both moaned as their groins met and Arthur couldn’t stop himself from grinding down a little more to make Merlin’s eyelids flutter closed and his mouth open in wordless gasp. Arthur pressed his advantage and sank his tongue between Merlin’s lips to map out the addictive warmth within. Merlin moaned again and rocked his hips upwards. Arthur pulled back panting and grinned at Merlin’s lust-slacken expression and flushed cheeks.

“Honestly Merlin, you shouldn’t go around spreading lies like that. It’s a nasty habit, and completely inappropriate.” He complimented his words with a twist of his hips, which effectively silenced Merlin’s protests but also reminded him painfully of the troublesome gash across his shoulder blades. He dropped his head quickly to hide his wince, but not before Merlin caught his expression, sighed and wriggled out from underneath him.

“Come on then, prat-who-never-loses, let’s get your flesh wound sorted out properly before it turns bad and you lose a arm.” He tugged at Arthur, who had collapsed face down into the covers.

“That’s prince-who-never-loses to you thanks Merlin” Arthur grumbled, but he allowed himself to be manhandled into the middle of the bed. Merlin fetched the ointment Gauis had given him from where it had fallen earlier, and parked himself next to Arthur’s midriff. He began his ministrations again, only this time with a gentle caressing touch, following the path of his hands with his mouth. Despite the heat Merlin’s kisses were stirring in his gut Arthur found himself drifting off as fatigue set in. His eyelids slowly dropped and his head sank further and further into the soft pillows. He distantly felt Merlin shift next to him through the haze of exhaustion, then a hand was brushing his hair back from his face and a kiss was being pressed to his forehead.

“Don’t do that again, prat.” The soft words were tender, and Arthur smiled into the pillow.

“I’ll always win,” he mumbled back, and Merlin’s rumbling chuckle carried him into sleep

I hope the cut works. *iz lj-illiterate* This also is completely unbeta'd so please to pointing out errors!

Date: 2010-06-16 02:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] cinnatart.livejournal.com
LJ cut works just fine!

\o/ *clappy* great job! I love these boys, I really do.

Date: 2010-06-16 02:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] marchionessdusk.livejournal.com
Thank you!

Date: 2010-06-21 02:41 pm (UTC)
ext_47311: (Merlin - "yes please")
From: [identity profile] frakkin-addict.livejournal.com
Loved Merlin going off on Arthur like that, his fear for Arthur coming out as anger. Really wonderful snap-shot of what they mean to each other. :D

Date: 2010-07-19 10:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] poisonapplecake.livejournal.com
XD lolol

i love angry merlin xx

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