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Title: Want You Smothered, Want You Covered. liek my waffle-house hashbrowns
Pairing: KyuHanChul
Rating: NC-17 .________.
Warning: Swearing.
Summary: I hate my life, Kyuhyun thinks as he watches as Hangkyung thrusts his hips perfectly in time to the beat. For [ profile] cascades's birthday.

I hate my life, Kyuhyun thinks as he watches as Hangkyung thrusts his hips perfectly in time to the backing track of U and wishes desperately he could do the same. He tries to copy Hangkyung’s movements, memorise the steps, but gives up after the second 8-count.

He is mesmerised by the motion of Hangkyung’s hips. He watches the sweat drops running down Hangkyung’s bare chest, gleaming lines of perspiration that outline his hard, smooth, perfect stomach muscles, so different to Kyuhyun’s own scarred and soft abdomen.

He tells himself he’s not interested in the faint bulge he can see outlined on every up-thrust. And he’s certainly not imagining following the glistening trails with his tongue, down to the hipbones peaking out from Hangkyung’s sweatpants, and the trail of hair leading below his waistband. He wonders how those hips might feel thrusting against his own, then flushes hotly as the majority of his blood supply rushes southwards.

“Hot, isn’t he?” Heechul purrs in his ear. Kyuhyun jumps and swears under his breath.

“Sneaking up on people is not cool, hyung.”

Heechul just chuckles, and plasters himself along Kyuhyun’s back. He slides his hands down Kyuhyun’s sides, playing with the ends of his sweatshirt, tugging it up to trace circles on the sensitive skin beneath.

“Wish he was fucking you with those hips?”

“Hyung, don’t confuse your own opinions with other peoples, ” Kyuhyun deadpans, shifting his hips in an attempt to the evidence between his legs that he actually would quite like have Hangkyung fuck him thank you very much. “And please stop touching me.”

“Hmmm, but you like me touching you.” Heechul mouths at the base of his neck.

“No, I-“ Kyuhyun chokes on his words as Heechul presses his hands down on the front of his pants. He lets out an involuntary groan and immediately regrets the sound when he sees Hangkyung pause mid-step, but then Heechul is sliding his hands into Kyuhyun’s trousers and gripping him though his underwear.

“Lying is a sin Kyuhyunnie.”

“Don’t call me -fuck.” His brain short circuits; he forgets he’s in a semi-public place and moans openly, letting his head and body weight loll back against Heechul as he palms Kyuhyun’s cock in time to the music thudding through the practice room. Heechul presses open-mouthed kisses to Kyuhyun’s neck and jaw line, shifting to accommodate his weight. He works Kyuhyun’s trousers open without lessening the maddening pressure on his cock and pulls down his pants.

Kyuhyun’s cock springs free and he regains enough brainpower to make a noise in protest but then it’s not Heechul’s soft dainty fingers that encircle him; it’s Hangkyung’s rough, calloused palm that creates incredible friction, melting Kyuhyun’s spine even as he attempts to jerk his head forward in alarm. He brings his arms to push Hangkyung away, but Hangkyung just gathers his wrists together against his chest with his free hand.

“Hyung! What-” Hangkyung leers at him in a way that is eerily similar to Heechul, before tugging on Kyuhyun’s cock and twisting his hand in a way that makes Kyuhyun’s head loll back again with another “Fuck.”

“Such a dirty mouth you have, Kyuhyunnie.” Heechul says.

“Yah, Heechul, you’re interrupting my lesson.” Hangkyung complains, his hand moving unhurriedly, weakening Kyuhyun’s knees and grip on reality with every languorous stroke.

Heechul smirks against Kyuhyun’s neck and runs his tongue up the length of it, biting on his earlobe. He slides his hands up under Kyuhyun’s shirt again, running his fingertips up Kyuhyun’s chest. Kyuhyun moans.

“Ah, but Hannie, this is so much more fun than dance practice. Isn’t that right Kyuhyunnie?” Heechul says, pinching a hard nipple. Kyuhyun moans again, barely able to focus on anything but the lazy, torturous slide of Hangkyung’s palm against his cock.

“Hyung…ahhh…we shouldn’t- fuck!” Kyuhyun gives up on words as Hangkyung’s thumb pressing fleetingly into his slit and spreads the precome that leaks out across the head. Pleasure is spiralling through him, twisting his stomach in hard knots, making him light-headed.

“Are you sure about that?” Heechul whispers in his ear as Hangkyung smirks and increases the speed and grip of his teasing strokes. Kyuhyun gives a full body shudder; he’s so close. Heechul grins, pinches another nipple, leans forward and kisses Hangkyung roughly over Kyuhyun’s shoulder.

Hangkyung growls into the kiss, pressing himself flush against Kyuhyun’s front. He grips the base of Kyuhyun’s cock as it presses up against his stomach. Kyuhyun whimpers at the pain of the denial, his cock throbbing in the tight grip, and rolls his head upright with effort.

He stares open-mouthed, as Heechul licks into Hangkyung’s mouths then bites down on his bottom lip, wrenching a groan from Hangkyung. He’s embarrassingly close to coming, but Hangkyung still has a firm hold on his dick and Kyuhyun finds he doesn’t care about anything but getting that hand moving right now. He pants and tries to thrust his hips, every second exhale an embarrassing whine as his cock is rubbed against Hangkyung’s shirtfront, the light friction teasing but not nearly enough.

Heechul pulls back from the kiss, and laughs breathlessly in Kyuhyun’s ear.
“Did you need something Kyuhyun?” He twists both of Kyuhyun’s nipples hard, and Kyuhyun cries out, arching his back as the pleasure-pain shoots straight to his aching cock.
“Yes, shit, hyung, anything, just, please hyung, god!” he babbles, trying to free his hands, to push Hangkyung away, to pull him closer, anything to get that friction back on his cock.

“You have to tell us what you want,” Hangkyung says, letting go of Kyuhyun’s hands to tugs on his balls. Kyuhyun’s head reels from the sensations, practically sobbing with need as Heechul continues rub his nipples. He tries to collect his thoughts but the need to come pulses through his brain, obliterating all rational thought.

God…..fuck! Me, hyung, fuck me, please.” He manages to grind out, and is rewarded with Hangkyung finally, finally moving his hand up Kyuhyun’s cock in gloriously firm strokes.

Kyuhyun could cry at how good it feels, the pleasure coiling tighter and tighter until his skin feels like it’s burning and he’s gasping for breath as he gabbles meaningless words at Hangkyung. Heechul reaches up and grips Kyuhyun’s chin, pulling his head back for a bruising kiss and Kyuhyun’s orgasm slams into him. He gasps for air as the pleasure shudders through him again and again and he comes all over Hangkyung’s hand and stomach. He sags against Heechul; his eyes closed and face slack.

Hangkyung strokes him through the aftershocks until he pushes weakly at his hand, wincing at the over-stimulation of his softening cock. Hangkyung lifts his hand to Kyuhyun’s mouth, and presses his fingers against his lips. Kyuhyun sucks his fingers in, cleaning off his come with his tongue and watching through his eyelashes as Hangkyung’s face tightens with lust. Heechul is panting in his ear, and Kyuhyun can feel his erection pressing against the small of his back.

He lifts his head off Heechul’s shoulder and presses his lips to Hangkyung’s. Heechul makes an indignant noise as Kyuhyun runs his tongue along Hangkyung’s teeth, which quickly becomes a cut-off groan as Kyuhyun grinds his hips backwards.

Kyuhyun pulls away from Hangkyung and slips his thigh between his legs. He grins as Hangkyung’s eyes roll back when he presses it against the not-so-faint bulge

“So which one of you want my mouth?” he asks, pitching his voice low in the way that got him a place in Super Junior after only two months of being a trainee.

Heechul spins him by the shoulders and presses him to his knees. “Start with him, you can do Hannie later,” he says. Hangkyung complains loudly behind him, and Kyuhyun just smirks as he works Heechul’s trouser open.

I love my life he thinks.

A/N: FML Why did I try to write pron for someone who writes amazing pron? SOBS I'M SORRY MANDA FOR GIVING YOU SUCH A CRAP FIC. ;_________;
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