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So Ellis posted this and then this and then I drank 3 cups of tea and started writing and I shouldn't have because this is the result. DUN JUDGE MEEE ;~;

Title: The Summer! The Ocean! Our Youth! And a Ghost, Too.
Fandom: Super Junior/M / Sailor Moon
Pairing: QMi
Summary: Sailor Mimi is the most fabulous Moon Princess there ever was.
A/N: I'm so sorry. Really.

“In the name of the moon, I will punish you!” Sailor Mimi said, flinging her arms out wide. Tuxkyudo Mask sighed and propped her back up as she flailed and tripped on her own feet.
“You’re not going to do much punishing from the floor meatball head,” he said, rolling his eyes.

Sailor Mimi huffed and pushed her skirt back down, removing Kyuhyun’s hand from underneath it. She brandished her wand (“Sceptre Kui Xian!” “……Whatever.”) at the enemy, consisting of two boys; one pale and shaking, one tanned and grinning.

“Prepare to be punished! Err in the name of the, uhh, moon?”

Sailor Heechul snorted. “You said that already Seasoning. Really, I don’t understand why I wasn’t chosen as the Moon Princess,” she griped, hitting Sailor Geng on the arm.

“Ow Heechul, what the hell. You asked to be Venus, you said she was the prettiest.” Sailor Geng rubbed her arm and moved closer to Sailor Siwon.
Heechul hit her again. “Shut up. I’m Venus because I am the prettiest. Make me some food, I’m hungry.”

Sailor Mimi pouted. “It’s not my fault Sailor Moon needs to be tall. I have the longest legs, don’t I Kui Xian?" Kyuhyun rolled his eyes again. “Yes, you do,” he said, but his long-suffering tone was offset by the pass he made at Sailor Mimi’s arse. She squeaked and pranced out of reach.

“Kui Xian!”

“Kyuhyun! How dare you touch the Princess so! I don’t care if you are the Prince Of Earth, mister, you are so much trouble young man!” Leeteuk hissed angrily as he struggled against Kangin’s restraining paw. Kangin twitched his whiskers in annoyance and sat on Leeteuk’s head, who continue to yowl and meow his indignance.

“Ummm,” said Eunhyuk. Everyone looked at him. He cringed. “Excuse me, sorry, but are you going to? Punish us I mean? Only we’re supposed to be, like fighting and stuff. So umm.” He trailed off self-conciously as everyone stared at him blankly. He looked nervously over his shoulder at Donghae, who shrugged and went back to trying to lick his elbow.

“…….who are you.” Heechul said.

“I’m Eunhyuk? I mean, I’m Eunhyuk!” he twirled nervously and struck a shaky pose. “I will crush you puny Sailor Scouts, in the name of the moon! Umm, Negaverse!”
Heechul laughed.

“If this is the best the Negaverse has got, we might not even need Moon Klutz over there to do her special prancing doodad. I could take this woobie by myself with my eyes closed!” she scoffed, flipping her hair dismissively over her shoulder. Eunhyuk turned red.
Geng closed her eyes and leant heavily against Sailor Siwon.

“Moon save us, Heechul is going to kill us all.” she moaned, as Heechul began her special power up dance. Siwon patted her on the head gently.
Sailor Mimi sniffed and blinked back tears.

“I’m so useless aren’t I, you guys don’t need me, Heechul is right, she would be a better Moon Princess, I’m such a failure, nobody loves me, even you love me Kui Xian, and the story say you have to and I should just curl up and-mmf!” her emotional tirade was cut short by Kyuhyun grabbing her face and kissing her soundly.

“I do love you, idiot. Don’t know why because you’re too tall and you always laugh at my acne and you trip over things all the time uhh I mean,” he backpedalled swiftly as Mimi’s shocked expression faded back into anguish and hurt, “We all love you and need you, there couldn’t be better Moon Princess than you. No one else is fabulous, or tall, enough for the job.” He beamed down at Sailor Mimi, flipping off an hysterically laughing Kangin behind his back.

“I’ve got it!” Sailor Ryeowook suddenly cried, startling everyone in silence. She closed her laptop with a decisive snap.

“Uhh. Got what?” Sailor Mimi asked when no one else spoke.

“Their weakness!” Ryeowook smiled, adjusting her glasses.

“……Who’s weakness?”

“Theirs!” Ryeowook gestured at Eunhyuk and Donghae, who blinked slowly.

"Right,” said Mimi, still totally nonplussed. Sailor Ryeowook scowled.

“Oh for- look, just do your special prancing doodad and I’ll do the rest.” She reopened her laptop and typed away furiously, muttering under her breath. Mimi nodded and pulled Kyuhyun’s hand out of her shirt. She took up the pose that heralded the beginning of her magical attack (“……special prancing doodad.” “Shut up Kui Xian!”).

Eunhyuk swallowed. “Uhh Hae, I think we should leave now,” he said, edging backwards. Donghae looked up from his elbow, and caught sight of Leeteuk vainly struggling to shift Kangin from his head.

“Kitties!” Donghae cried, and run forward before Eunhyuk could grab him. He pounced on Kangin and bundled him up into his arms. Before anyone could stop him, he blew several loud raspberries on Kangin’s stomach and smushed his face into his fur. Kangin yowled in shock, and bit Donghae’s ear. Donghae laughed delightedly and patted Kangin’s head, before launching himself at Leeteuk.
Eunhyuk sank to the ground in despair as Dongahe took off after a screeching Leeteuk.

“I’m so dead,” he groaned, burying his face in his hands. Heechul crouched beside him and patted him on the head.

“Well, at least you didn’t have to sit through Mimi’s special prancing doodad,. Better you surrender now than witness that,” she said solemly.
Sailor Geng sighed. “Let’s go home Siwon, I don’t want to spend any more time with these mad people than I already have too.”

Heechul sprang to her feet immediately. “Hey! You owe me fried rice! Geng! Wait for me!” She flounced after the other two, yelling abuse at them when they didn’t stop.

Ryeowook closed her laptop again, and rubbed her eyes. “If we’re finished here I’m heading home too. I need to email Yesung about his turtles; he think one of them is pregnant.”
Sailor Mimi watched in dismay as her trusty band of Sailor Scouts rapidly dispersed back into the night. She turned to stare piteously at Eunhyuk, who quickly backed away, eyes wide with alarm, before legging it in roughly the same direction as Donghae’s joyful whoops.

“But, what about my moon prism power?” Tears filled her eyes and her lower lip wobbled.
Kyuhyun gather her into his arms, and awkwardly tucked her head under his chin.

“Don’t worry Mi, you’ll get to use it another time.”
Sailor Mimi sniffled, and snuggled in closer to Tuxkyudo Mask’s chest. Until he get his hand back under her skirt.


A/N version B: THIS IS ELLIS'S FAULT. also I'm way too tired to SPaG, so sorry if there are glaring errors
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