Apr. 28th, 2010 10:53 pm
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I've just started Season 2 of Merlin (thank you so much for the links [livejournal.com profile] cinnatart !!!), and already the Arthur/Gwen is too much. Not that I'm completely against it, they're a cute couple, but the way it's suddenly forced down our gullets in the 2nd episode? *cringe* I think the main problem for me is the lack of romantic chemistry. I can see them caring for each other, and being close friends, but being in love? Nuh uh. Not compared to Arthur/Bradley and Merlin/Colin. Or is this just my slash goggles talking? Idk. Either way ARTHUR TOTALLY LOVES MERLIN AND NOT GWEN. *pouts*

Also kjsdbsdbfsdmnms,dng cliff-hangers and Doctor Who is an EVIL combination. *wibbles* Although Matt Smith is growing on me.
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So Perth has just been royally screwed over by a massive low pressure system, and I'm currently sitting in my dressing gown hoping the power stays on long enough to heat my dinner. Around 3:45pm it started raining which was cool, we got told to expect that. I caught the beginning running home from the bus, but just as I got in the door, hailstones as big as my FIST started coming down. Branches were ripped off trees, all our pot plants smashed and birds were hit out of the sky as I watched. My friend and I just stood there in shock because, come on, it's Perth! We get 26mm of rain in a month maybe in June. Not 10 minutes in March. Suddenly we both realised that our three cats were still outside, and that these hailstones were big enough to kill at least our smallest kitty, if not all of them. She flipped out and panicked, running out into the hail to search for them. Luckily she didn't get hit anywhere important but she's now sporting bruises all along her arms and legs, and as it turns out the cats found their own way home once the rain stopped. The back lane is still a river, and when I (stupidly) ran out after my friend it was so cold that I couldn't feel my feet after 2 minutes (though I didn't have proper shoes on, flip flops seems like a good choice this morning). The lake next to my house has gone from a dust bowl to overflowing in half an hour, and my local high school has 70% water damage. North Perth power station was hit by lightning, and 6 suburbs now have no power.

The rain has just started again and the nice man on the radio just said that there's other front coming through later tonight, so I'm going to stick all my towels in the drier before my kitchen starts leaking again.


Jun. 16th, 2009 06:32 pm
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Ok, here go my first post.
 I've never really used LJ properly, as I've just been lurking around all the fantastic HD fandoms this site has, having migrated here from FF.net. I'm slowly forcing myself to actually comment on the fics I read, and maybe *maybe* working towards *maybe*  writing a fic of my own. I don't know. I was never any good at Lit at school, so I'll probably just stick to reading. And commenting *nods*.
Anyway, thought I'd better post something in my own journal so that it stops looking so sad and empty, and now that exams are over YAAAAAAAAY I can finally get around to doing things I actually want to do. 
That's all I can think of to say for now, so toodle pip!

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