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EDIT: OMG I AM SO SILLY I completely forgot to add: HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] dysonrules !!!! *hits head on lamp and shuts hands in oven* Never stop writing~

This evening I was feeling all glum and bored and woe-is-me (I hate exams), so what does my kitty do? He jumps on my lap, curls up around my writing hand, noms my pencil and purrs like I just gave him a whole ocean of fish. ♥&hearts:
Looky! (I don't know how to put things behind a cut yet *iz LJ illiterate*

Since I obviously couldn't do anymore work I updated my profile instead. Yay!

I bought a few little things off eBay a week ago, and they're still not here *pouts* I want my rabbit-shaped elastic bands!! (IDK either, they spring back into shape?? They were only $0.26 though :D)

*resists opening shiny Merlin fics*

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