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Small things I wrote for [livejournal.com profile] cinnatart's Kissing Meme and because she posted a pretty picture.
Why yes, I am supposed to be studying, why do you ask?

Title: Push Push Baby
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Merlin is still flushed from the post-performance rush when Arthur manages to find him backstage.

Merlin is still flushed from the post-performance rush when Arthur manages to find him backstage.
“Arthur!” He squeals and Arthur asks himself how he got mixed up with man who makes such girly noises but then Merlin’s body is slamming into his, arms around his neck and his lips are firmly pressed to Arthur’s own and Arthur stops thinking. He staggers as Merlin suddenly pushes him backwards, and drops heavily as the backs of his knees hit a bench. He blinks in shock and Merlin smirks before straddling him and dragging his head forward to devour his mouth again. Arthur groans as Merlin does that thing with his tongue, responding by biting down Merlin’s gorgeously full bottom lip. Merlin growls, which sends ripples of lust down Arthur’s spine, and grinds his hips down on Arthur’s so Arthur can feel just how happy Merlin is to see him. Arthur rocks his own hips upwards seeking more of that amazing friction, forgetting for a moment that he is perched precariously on the edge of the bench and that gravity must be obeyed. He makes a manly exclamation of surprise as he crashes to the floor, dislodging Merlin who rolls away and laughs hysterically. Arthur would probably by laughing too if he weren’t so bloody turned on; his trousers are painfully tight and all he can focus on is the perfect swollen redness on Merlin’s mouth. Merlin doesn’t seem to notice Arthur’s distress and gets up still giggling like a schoolgirl.
He spins on the spot as someone calls his name from the corridor.
“Be there in a sec!” he yells back and quickly turns back to Arthur, who’s still sitting slumped on the floor doing his best impression of a goldfish. Merlin stoops down and presses a chaste kiss on Arthur’s cheek.
“I’ll have to go, I’ll see you later, thanks for coming, love you!” Merlin babbles as he careens out the door, shouting for Gwaine.
Arthur continues his goldfish impersonation for a few more moments before getting to his feet gingerly, cursing Merlin under his breath as he limps out the door. In the shadows at the back of room Morgana smirks and thanks all the deities she can think of that she remembered to bring her camera to the performance.

Title: I Just Want To Play Video Games
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Zhou Mi is bored. Kyuhyun is interesing.

“Kui Xian!” Zhou Mi pulled at Kyuhyun’s elbow, jostling the PSP Kyuhyun had balanced between his crossed legs. Kyuhyun ignored him, righted his console and blasted his way through 10 more enemies. Zhou Mi tugged again, and frowned at the back of Kyuhyun’s neck when there was still no response.
“Kui Xiaaaannnn! ” he tried again, and draped himself over Kyuhyun’s back. Kyuhyun reacted to his acquisition of a Zhou Mi blanket by shrugging to move Zhou Mi’s constricting arms further away from his windpipe, then continued to rampage through the final level of his game. Zhou Mi propped his head on Kyuhyun’s shoulder watched the small pixelated enemies die for a few minutes before becoming transfixed by the sharp line of Kyuhyun’s profile. He sighed heavily next to Kyuhyun’s ear and was pleased to feel the body beneath him tense. He sighed again, this time soft and slow into the skin beneath the start of Kyuhyun’s jawline. Kyuhyun’s shoulders tensed again and his fingers faltered slightly before continuing their rapid movements. Zhou Mi grinned, and breathed hot air behind Kyuhyun’s right ear.
“Yes Kui Xian?”
“Stop it.” Zhou Mi pouted.
“But Kui Xian you’re ignoring me! I’m bored!”
“Then find someone else to entertain you, or entertain yourself.”
“Fine.” Zhou Mi shifted, removed his arms and quickly pressed a kiss to the shoulder his chin had been resting on. Kyuhyun went completely still as Zhou Mi kissed his way up the smooth arc of skin on Kyuhyun’s neck.
“Mmmmm?” He kissed under the ear he had tortured before.
“What are you doing?”
“Entertaining myself.” He kissed the pulse jumping beneath Kyuhyun’s jaw. Kyuhyun inhaled sharply and suddenly Zhou Mi was on his back with Kyuhyun pressing him into the floor. He gasped at the suddenly change of position which allowed Kyuhyun plunge his tongue into Zhou Mi’s mouth and effectively silence his complaints. Not that Zhou Mi was thinking of complaining he pressed back against Kyuhyun and slid his tongue along the back of Kyuhyun’s teeth. He moaned as Kyuhyun bit down on his bottom lip and sucked it in his own mouth. They drew apart as oxygen became a pressing need, then crashed back together, greedy for the delicious slide of lips and tongue. After a several more minutes of ravaging Zhou Mi’s mouth Kyuhyun lifted his head and smirked down at Zhou Mi, who could only lie dazed and breathing hard.
“Happy now?”
He rolled off Zhou Mi before he’d had time to gather enough functioning brain cells to respond. Zhou Mi stared at the ceiling in wonder and absently touched a hand to his still tingling lips. The sound of the PSP restarting jolted him back to reality and he sat up in time to see Kyuhyun begin to avidly press buttons again.
He scowled.
“Kui Xiaaaaaannnnn!”

If anyone has heard the song the QMi title is from I'm sorry. I'm sorry I made you remember it. /reaches for brain bleach.

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