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Title: Can't Read My Poker Face
Pairing: QMi
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 650w
Summary: Zhou mi flinches. “i umm, lost you in a bet?”

“you what.” kyuhyun looks up from his laptop and frowns up at zhou mi, who avoids his gaze and wrings his stupidly large hands agitatedly. he worries his lower lip, which distracts kyuhyun for a second or two as he watched the moist skin flush red, before he remembers what zhou mi just said. “what."

zhou mi flinches. “i umm, lost you in a bet?” he looks at kyuhyun pleadingly from beneath his stupidly long lashes which causes kyuhyun’s stomach turn over lazily.

“the fuck?” kyuhyun says and suddenly Zhou Mi is babbling.

“kui xian it wasn’t my fault he said i could choose the cards this time and i swear i had an ace of hearts he must have cheated but i don’t know how and then i had to serve the round and you know i can’t outdrink sungmin-“
“you lost me to sungmin?” kyuhyun asks, pushing his laptop away and standing up suddenly. zhou mi fliches again.


“what the fuck mi. how does that even work? you didn’t even own me in the first place!” kyuhyun regrets his words slightly as hurt flashes across zhou mi’s face but he lost kyuhyun in bet to sungmin. kyuhyun is pissed off. he steps forward into zhou mi’s personal space so he’s forced to meet kyuhyun’s eyes.

“mi,” he says, voice carefully controlled and zhou mi swallows hard. “you’re going to find sungmin, and you’re going to tell him that i’m not yours, or anyone else’s, possession. and he can fuck off if he thinks i’m playing along with your ridiculous and idioctic games.”

“that’s not a very nice thing to say, kui xian,” sungmin drawls from behind kyuhyun. he smirks as kyuhyun turns and spits out “fuck. off.”

“why are you like this? it’s not my fault your boyfriend can’t hold his drink, now is it?” sungmin complains, shit-eating grin offsetting his cutesy whine. kyuhyun’s scowl deepens and he opens his mouth to tell sungmin where he can shove it when sungmin pulls a photo from his pocket and waves in kyuhyun’s face.

kyuhyun makes a strange gargling noise as he realises that it’s of him and zhou mi from the last time they went out on the town as a group. kyuhyun’s legs are clasped firmly around zhou mi’s waist and his head is thrown back, face slack with pleasure. zhou mi’s face is buried in the crook of his neck, his hips very clearly thrusting against kyuhyun’s as he presses him against a wall.

kyuhyun flushes hotly at the memory of coming in his pants as zhou mi jerked them both off in the filthy club toliets, and tries to snatch the photo off sungmin.

“how- how do you have that?” he splutters, hoping his face isn’t red as it feels. zhou mi whimpers behind him. sungmin’s grin nearly splits his face in half as he tucks the picture back into his pocket..
“siwon. tsk tsk kyuhyun-ah, you didn’t really think i wouldn’t have insurance did you? if you can’t uphold zhou mi’s end of the deal, well, who knows where this photo might end up?” he shrugs casually.

kyuhyun considers going for the picture anyway, but then he remember the last time he tried to overpower sungmin, and he settles for glaring holes in sungmin’s stupid face.

“bastard.” he scowls, thinking he’s never letting zhou mi drink again ever.

“i knew you’d see it my way” sungmin simpers, then grabs kyuhyun’s wrist and pulls him to the door. “come on, i need help reorganising my wardrobe!”

kyuhyun turns to zhou mi as they reach the door and says “we’ll talk about this later.” as ominously as he can before sungmin drags him around the corner and down the corridor.

zhou mi sighs, and collapses on the couch behind him. next time, he thinks, i’ll stick to drinking with heechul.

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